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Educational aspects

Manual skills Creativity Imagination

Technical aspects

Battery operated

Toy size

25.4 cm x 35.56 cm x 15.25 cm
A ball
This toy

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Máquina 3D Magic

A product from Cife
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La Impresora Mágica 3D contiene una 1 máquina 3D, 3 geles 3D, 4 moldes, 2 plantillas e instrucciones.
Edad: 8+
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Máquina 3D Magic
  • Arantxa Pain
    Added a video
    3D Magic Maker Impresora 3D de Juguete
  • abrelotoys Toys
    Added a video
    Impresora 3D Magica Fabrica de Juguetes para niños en 3D Magic Maker I Abrelo Toys Juguetes
  • Juega Ainhoa .
    Added a video
    Impresora 3d Magic. Dibujar en 3D
  • Mundo Juguetes
    Added a video
    3D Magic Maker Impresora mágica 3D para niños de Nabumbu en Mundo Juguetes Creation Station 3D
  • Alex Guerra
    Added a video
    Anuncio Máquina 3D Magic de Cife
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